Right Now.

LOLZZZZ. So much for continuing my story TOMORROW. How about 3 months. Is that okay? Well, it’ll have to do.

I forgot where I left off and, more importantly, how I was planning to continue. So…I’m just going to start from where I am, right now.

Right now I am working at a temporary marketing job with a friend’s company that is supposed to last only until the end of this year.

Right now I don’t know what I’m going to do exactly (or in what field), when that ends.

Right now I’ve been sick. In a variety of ways. At the end of October I had an ear infection. It was bad enough for me to have to go to urgent care and get my ear flushed out. 3 days later I started having heart palpitations. They lasted continuously everyday for almost 2 wks. Now they are on and off. They were bad enough for me to go back to urgent care and have a Dr. tell me that, yes, my heart was skipping beats.

He also told me I don’t have insurance. As if me (and my credit card) didn’t know.

I went in later for blood tests and an EKG, and they found nothing directly related to my heart that could have been causing the problems – except slightly low B12/folic acid.

Bring on the liver (I guess), fish, eggs, and cereal.

Right now I am hoping I can regain my health through proper nutrients, resting, and taking care of myself more. I don’t have the money to take any more random cardiology tests.

Right now I’m realizing that my birthday is in 3 days.

Yes, 3 days.

Where did my life go?

Right now I am so anxious for my boyfriend to come home for the holidays. I only get to see him once a year, and even though I’ll be working everyday (except Christmas) – at least I’ll hopefully get to spend evenings with him.

Right now I am hoping I am going in the right direction.

Right now I just want to feel love, warmth, health, and security.

Right now I am going to relax.

2 thoughts on “Right Now.

  1. I didn’t realize you updated your blog!! I can’t believe how bad things were when you told me you were sick! I hope that you have gotten better since this post. Enjoy your time with your boyfriend!!! Happy holidays girl!

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