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I feel like such a rebel!

How is everyone? Please share.

It’s November here in Socal. Which means my birthday is in a week and a half and I really have no idea what I’m going to do besides eat a bunch of ice cream mochi and roll around in bed probably. I was planning to go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving but I doubt that’s going to happen because I only get 1 day off.

I need a vacation.



What’s everyone up to this weekend?

It’s kinda overcast here in Southern California, which is nice. And I can’t wait to sleep-in……..




My mom told me the other day that I am a needy person. She said this as my boyfriend was getting ready to leave for Hawaii to go back to school for his 3rd year (as part of a 4 year program). This was her response to my, “I’m really considering moving to Hawaii.”

I wasn’t needy until he left. At least that’s what I think. So wouldn’t that just be the result of circumstance? I mean, I’m just conforming to the situation, and adjusting as needed. It’s only natural for you to want + miss (= needy) someone you care about when they’re thousands of miles away, and you see them 1 or 2x a year.

I could talk about this forever. And I’m afraid that I am going to talk about this until I actually do something more proactive about the situation. Obviously, I am not happy with the way things are now. I’m not happy being in my late 20s on the whole ‘other side of the world from my significant other. I feel that if I were younger it would be easier. When you’re younger you’re in school, have friends always at your disposal who want to hang out, watch movies, and paint each other’s nails. Now, at this point, most of my friends are getting married, have kids, or have adjusted to their working life in a way that sets them in a schedule that they really don’t stray from. Suffice to say, that I’ve probably done the same myself. I don’t come home every day to a house full of roommates to chatter with. Things are different now.

Grow up.


But I don’t take pictures!

…but I will now! In efforts to get myself to document my 20′s more lively than just with inner dialogue — I’m going to attempt The May Photo A Day.
I know I’m starting a bit late. But here we are…


Lets get at it….


I brought this! A latte from a Coffee Shop (forgot the name) while I was in Chicago, Illinois last Spring. I’m not a coffee drinker, but my friend’s sister was adamant about trying something from this place. I don’t have taste buds for this stuff, so I can’t determine whether it was good or not. It wasn’t bad, though.

On another note, I really wanted to buy this:




Hello. Does anyone read this anymore?

Obviously not because I don’t post at all!

Does anyone know how to not have spaces between these lines? I should know how to fix this — I’ve done a bit of website work. Maybe I’m lazy.

I’m lazy.

I still have heart palpitations. I was given beta blockers which make them less strong, but still present. Had a hormone test last week to see if my levels are okay — and if that may have anything else to do with it. They have ruled out most everything else.

How is everyone else doing? Is anyone here from around LA? I would like to meet some girlfriends! :)

sea otter






^ me wanting to be your friend! :D


Right Now.

LOLZZZZ. So much for continuing my story TOMORROW. How about 3 months. Is that okay? Well, it’ll have to do.

I forgot where I left off and, more importantly, how I was planning to continue. So…I’m just going to start from where I am, right now.

Right now I am working at a temporary marketing job with a friend’s company that is supposed to last only until the end of this year.

Right now I don’t know what I’m going to do exactly (or in what field), when that ends.

Right now I’ve been sick. In a variety of ways. At the end of October I had an ear infection. It was bad enough for me to have to go to urgent care and get my ear flushed out. 3 days later I started having heart palpitations. They lasted continuously everyday for almost 2 wks. Now they are on and off. They were bad enough for me to go back to urgent care and have a Dr. tell me that, yes, my heart was skipping beats.

He also told me I don’t have insurance. As if me (and my credit card) didn’t know.

I went in later for blood tests and an EKG, and they found nothing directly related to my heart that could have been causing the problems – except slightly low B12/folic acid.

Bring on the liver (I guess), fish, eggs, and cereal.

Right now I am hoping I can regain my health through proper nutrients, resting, and taking care of myself more. I don’t have the money to take any more random cardiology tests.

Right now I’m realizing that my birthday is in 3 days.

Yes, 3 days.

Where did my life go?

Right now I am so anxious for my boyfriend to come home for the holidays. I only get to see him once a year, and even though I’ll be working everyday (except Christmas) – at least I’ll hopefully get to spend evenings with him.

Right now I am hoping I am going in the right direction.

Right now I just want to feel love, warmth, health, and security.

Right now I am going to relax.


The Wordless Year

I used to be a writer. I used to love to write. I’d write every day—in my head mostly, especially in college.  It was much easier than finding time to sit down peacefully with my thoughts and transcribe them onto paper, or a Microsoft document. No, it was much easier just to talk it out in my head.  It would never quiet down in there anyway, so, why not– right?

My life changed a lot last year when I graduated from college and moved home as everyone I knew and loved moved away to start their own lives elsewhere.

And there I was, standing in the middle of the street…with a balloon in my hand shivering in a white fluorescent tank top.  Okay, so it wasn’t that dramatic.  But it felt as such.


I questioned whether or not to bring this up. I feel like every time I write it’s to complain, wallow, or inform my computer and validate it by typing it out in text; and it’s usually something warring, unwanted, or unforgiving. I have a knack of not mentioning the good stuff.  Not that there’s been much of that lately.  (See, there I go again).

So, the deal is: I got (had—yep), a Part-Time job, that I feel like I solidified last May.  It wasn’t the most glamorous or earth shattering thing to mention – I was to nanny everyday / tutor a little girl (barely 2), while her mother was at work.  Should I mention that this was the only job I was able to come across with since I stopped my last one (After School teacher) last March? And, I was only being able to come by it through family friends too, even.

When I talked with the Mother and we solidified the position, I was so, so, SO, very relieved.  I had been looking tirelessly for a job, any job, for at least half a year now, and I could finally sit back and relax.  Who cares that Nannying was all my 5 years of studying at a UC could land me—I was going to get PAID!  Who cares how much.  PAID.  Paaaaaiddddddddddddd.

The excitement stemmed from the fact that I would finally be able to start saving to visit my boyfriend (who’s in Hawaii for Grad School—lucky duck), save to pay for my own insurance, be able to go on ice cream runs more frequently, and, most importantly, I could start saving for Nursing School – if I decided I wanted to go that route.

(20 minutes later)

I’m going to continue this story tomorrow. It’s getting late (2:30am—yes, I’m a night owl).  And, frankly, I forgot where I was in my dictation; as I was distracted by Instagram (don’t have one, but enjoy perusing others’).  Plus, I might as well learn what a CLIFFHANGER is, and this is a great start.